Senior Model Search 2013 | Massachusetts Senior Photographer

Are you a Junior in a Massachusetts High School? Do you want FREE Senior Photos and other FREE fun stuff? I thought so!

I am so very excited to announce my Senior Model Search for 2013! The selected models will be asked to participate in a super fun editorial photo shoot. The models will receive Free Facebook images to share with all of their friends and family, as well as other photos from the shoot.

The Deadline to apply is March 21st, and I will contact you with the details once all applications have been reviewed. The session will be in April 2012 on a date that is convenient for everyone.

What are you looking for in a model? I'm looking for originality, style, spunk, personality...

Do I have to pay anything? Nope. Totally free and fun for you!

How do I apply? Head on over to my Facebook Page and click the 2013 Senior Model Application tag on the left.

That's it! What are you waiting for? Go apply now!