Flashback Friday | Massachusetts Child Photographer

I wanted to do something fun this year that would allow me to show you photos from the past on a regular basis...enter Flashback Friday! Each week I'll show you a photo that I took at least a year ago. Most likely it will be one of my favorites, it may be of my daughter, it may be of a client, I may re-edit it and show the before and after, it may have a story behind it, etc. Honestly, there really aren't any rules except that it will have originally been shot prior to 2012 and it will be a favorite. Other than that, anything goes! The first Flashback Friday is probably one of my all-time favorite photos of my daughter. It was taken in June 2006 on her very first overnight trip in a hotel. Within 5 minutes of being there she was jumping all over the bed, and to this day, she LOVES staying in hotels overnight. I took this photo within our first 30 minutes of being there, and I LOVE the drool! :)

Massachusetts Child Photographer

Have a great weekend!