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massachusetts child baby newborn photographer worcester millbury auburn grafton shrewsbury northborough westborough For the very first Teach Me Tuesday, I thought I'd answer one of the questions I'm asked the most often about my photos: How do you get your eyes to look so clear and shiny?

Eyes are my most favorite part of the photos that I take, and I like to highlight them. Many people think I Photoshop them or do something specific to just the eyes, but the real answer is that I don't do anything different to the eyes at all!

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I LOVE my prime lenses, specifically my Canon 50 1.2L. I am obsessed with it on my Canon 5D MK III, and it very rarely leaves my camera. It creates some of the most beautiful bokeh (that blurry background) around! I shoot as close to wide open as possible for the situation, thanks to my prime lens, and I make sure to focus on the eyes. This helps me get those tack sharp eyes while the rest of the image flows around it softly with that gorgeous depth of field.

MA Child and Baby Photographer Worcester Central Massachusetts Millbury Grafton Westborough MetroWest You just need to practice a lot, learn how to shoot on manual, know your lighting, and understand your camera. Start shooting at 2.2, then 2.0, then 1.8, 1.4, etc. I've found that every lens has a "sweet spot" and this just takes practice to find what works best for you and your style of shooting. While I know everyone thinks that it's my camera that takes the great photos, there really is a little more involved than just having a great camera. If you think it's easy, I would challenge you to take a 50mm 1.2L and use it at 1.2 and achieve nice, sharp eyes within your first 10 photos.

I understand the 1.2L is a bit on the pricey side, but you can definitely get some great, sharp eyes with other primes, such as the 50mm 1.8. This was my very first prime, and it is about $100. If you don't have a prime lens, practice at the lowest aperture of your lens and see what you can do! If you have any technical questions, I'm always happy to answer them for you.

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2015 SPRING & EASTER MINI SESSIONS! | Massachusetts Child & Family Photographer

SPRING/EASTER STUDIO MINI SESSIONS! Several time slots have already been booked, so if you're interested, please make sure to contact me!• 20 minute studio photo session• Online Photo Gallery of 8-10 images from which to choose • 5 Digital Files with Print Rights • 20% off All Products • Spring & Easter Props Available including a live bunny

Cost: $195

The Spring & Easter Mini Sessions are suitable for up to 4 people. Newborns may be included as long as they are being held by parents. Full payment is due upon booking to secure your date and time.

2015 Spring Easter Mini Sessions Massachusetts Family and Child Photographer

2014 Holiday Mini Sessions! | Millbury, MA Photographer

They're here!!! My 2014 Holiday Mini Sessions!

2014 Massachusetts Holiday Mini Photo Sessions Millbury Child Family Photographer


Here's the info for this year's Indoor Holiday Mini Sessions:

All Props Included • 3 Dates • 20 Minute Session • 5 Digital Prints • 50 Holiday Cards • 2 Holiday Sets Price: $250 Dates: Sunday, Nov. 2 • Wednesday, Nov. 12 • Friday, Nov. 21

Email: to book your session now before it's too late

She's A Girly-Girl, For Sure! | Massachusetts Child Photographer

I had met Hillary and her mom a while back when I was looking for headbands for some of my clients (Hillary is wearing one of her mom's creations in these photos, too!). We connected through Etsy and continued chatting over the past year on facebook, etc. It's been great getting to see Hillary grow from the little 8-month old when we first met to the sweetest little girl at two-years old. I was thrilled to get the chance to photograph her cute little face during our mini-session together at my studio. Millbury MA Child Photographer Outdoor Portraits Worcester Children Little Girl PhotosFamily FlowersMillbury MA Child Photographer Outdoor Portraits Worcester Children Little Girl PhotosFamily FlowersMillbury MA Child Photographer Outdoor Portraits Worcester Children Little Girl PhotosFamily FlowersMillbury MA Child Photographer Outdoor Portraits Worcester Children Little Girl PhotosFamily FlowersMillbury MA Child Photographer Outdoor Portraits Worcester Children Little Girl PhotosFamily Flowers

The Goal List: July 2014 | Massachusetts Photographer

Massachusetts Child Photographer Beach Photos Provincetown MA Millbury Auburn Worcester Sutton Grafton July was so amazing that I didn't even post a goal list! Actually, it was filled with lots of vacation, beach, pool, and family time...and it was awesome! I still worked and got lots done (3 weddings!!!), but it was definitely less schedule-oriented than usual with C home from school and the sunshine calling our names. We took our yearly vacation to Provincetown to the most amazing little condo right on the ocean (a photographer's dream and where I took the above photo), celebrated the 4th of July with cookouts and fireworks, and had fun at C's first National Competition in Providence. Wow, when I think back to everything that we did, it just makes me happy!

I'm so OK with having no set goals last month, but this month is different. Yes, summer is only HALF OVER, but a photographer's busy season is officially here! Mix busy season with summer vacation, and I have to make sure every second counts when I'm working.

So, here's to the goal list, and may I accomplish everything on it.


  • Blog 15x this month! <--this will be my #1 goal until it's achieved
  • Get my inbox down to 1500 new emails (gonna try and take this in baby steps this month)
  • Order new sample albums
  • Choose new website design and start working on it
  • Choose outfits for Senior Model Styled Shoot!!! SO MUCH FUN!!!!
  • Test out new Wedding Photography Workflow

I did clean off my desk, but it's gotten messy again. Not as mess as it was, but it's definitely not as clean and organized. Must do this again!I've also been looking for a new website/blog design, but I haven't found one that I really like yet, so I can't cross it off.  I also did a lot of things that weren't on the above list (Senior Model Rep Shoot, Senior Lookbook, New Senior Pricing Sheet), so I will let a few of those uncrossed off items go.


  • Continue with my exercise and better eating. I've been walking for about an hour each night. The weather is perfect, and I love listening to podcasts!
  • Book all of C's camps for the summer month <-- um, yea, need to do this ASAP!
  • Buy some new clothes for summer <--- DESPERATELY NEED!

I will say for June that I did pretty good with exercise and eating; however, July is a totally different story! Time to get back on that. One month until my sister's wedding! EEEK!!!



  • Blog 12x this month. Make a blogging calendar and stick to it!
  • Order new sample albums
  • Choose new website design
  • Accounting organization
  • Create a Progress Folder and Progress Sheet for each current client
  • Update iOS on my iMac


  • Get back to exercising a little each day and eating better. Have to fit into my Matron of Honor dress in one month!
  • Enjoy the last few weeks of summer with C with more pool, beach, and a couple of day trips!

And the next time I write my Goal List, the summer will be over :( (although, summer seems to hang around here in Massachusetts far into September nowadays). C will be back in school and back to dance class, life will be hectic again, and the days/weeks/months will fly by. Before we know it, Christmas will be here.