How are mini sessions different than full sessions? Well, for the photographer, it’s like speed dating. It’s a lot, it’s fast and it’s… well it’s fast. For me, I LOVE hanging out with all of my Massachusetts clients. Whether it’s in their house in my studio or at a park, I chat the entire time. I like taking my time to get to know the kids and make them comfortable. I love hearing about your work and your life. During mini sessions, we don’t get this luxury. I have very specific times set aside for each client, leaving no room to have a casual stroll and photo shoot. Which is okay! That’s the point of a mini session; to squeeze in several sessions so everyone can get those few updated family portraits they want, and they’re lots of fun to do!

Because it’s quick in nature, there are a few ways to prepare for your mini session. I also added in some outfit ideas. So, let’s start with that.


This is the number one question I get as soon as you book your mini session with me. I know that outfitting an entire family in new outfits that are comfy and look nice can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be difficult. Think SIMPLE and CLASSIC.

As you’re strolling through Old Navy or Target, keep this in mind… coordinate, DON’T MATCH. Pick a color palette, say – cream, navy, yellow and gray. Then, piece together all of your outfits with these colors. Maybe your little girl has on yellow leggings under her jean skirt with a yellow head bow and a cream top. Dad has on a grey sweater and jeans and mom has on leggings paired with a plaid blouse of blues and yellows. Mix and match, it doesn’t need to be perfect!

Next, layer. Textures are awesome. Put on that faux fur vest, have a button up under your sweater and roll the sleeves. Pick a sweater with lots of texture, eyelet fabric, etc.

Please try and stay away from bright white, BUT ivory, cream, and beige are a-okay.

Let's chat about the 90s for a quick second. Remember your outfits? Or would you rather forget them? I'm willing to bet they're not something you'd want to see hanging in a huge canvas on your living room wall, right? A simple, classic sweater and jeans would totally solve that!

Since these are HOLIDAY MINI sessions, feel free to add a little glitz, too! We will have two sets this year. One will be the dark wood background, and there will be lots of holiday props that I switch out during the session based on the people in the photos. The other is the WHITE background. This year is something completely new, and I'm so excited about it! Unfortunately, that means that I don't have photos of it to share with you; however, just know that BOTH sets will work well with any color clothing.

Here are examples from this year's holiday mini sessions (please note that props on the wood background can be changed, and there are lots to choose from!):

te5a0573-edit te5a0753-edit te5a0506-edit te5a0980-edit te5a0291-edit te5a0254-edit

Here are some examples of some holiday mini sessions from past years: 9k8a2452-copy 9k8a0696-copy 9k8a3554-3 9k8a3053 9k8a9878 9k8a0002 page-2


I schedule these sessions back to back. Please, please plan to be at at the studio 10 minutes early so that you’re ready to roll. I do my very best to stay on time so sessions don't run late. If you do happen to be running late, it will either cut into your session time, or you’ll have to wait for sessions to be done to step in to get your pictures taken.

If you are more than 10 minutes early, please hang in the hallway – choose a spot that you can see me, but not be extremely visible to the family I’m working with. If you’re running late or someone gets sick (it happens!), call or text me (508-685-0885) to let me know as soon as you can. I can then start the next group early, take a break, etc.

Coming early may also give your little one some time to warm up. They can become familiar with the location and ease into their session with a little more comfort.


If you’re anything like me, you’re crazy busy, forget to answer e-mails, sometimes forget deodorant and get through each day by the skin of your teeth. So, this also means, that you’ll be scrolling through your e-mail or FB on the morning of the session trying to find the studio, then looking for the location on your GPS as you're putting your seatbelt on. Literally not kidding, this is my life. So, I get it. 100%.




Be sure your little one(s) get their scheduled nap for the day so they feel rested. Also, be sure their bellies are full! Bring some snacks along to avoid any hangry littles! Also, if they have a favorite toy or lovie, bring that along, too. Do they have a favorite character or song? Let me know ahead of time; I can use that to help get smiles. I have no shame when it comes to getting kids to smile!;)


This might be the toughest. I get it. You've spent money on this session. You're worried about the time limit. Will your kids behave? Will they smile? Is my husband worried about football? I just love being with you and capturing your love so think of it this way: You made it to your session! Everyone is dressed, everyone is there, YOU MADE IT! Let's all have fun together, hang out for a few minutes, and just enjoy being a family. Your love and happiness will show through your photos if you're relaxed. I’ll handle the rest.

Shawna Shenette is a child photographer with a gorgeous studio in Millbury, MA. Shawna provides all props, backdrops, and styling for your session. Shawna creates the perfect session based on your personal style and provides the care and safety for each child while in her studio. Shawna Shenette Photography’s schedule books up very quickly, especially for outdoor fall portrait sessions, so be sure to book early.

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