Choosing Clothing For Family Photos, Part 2 | Central Massachusetts, Worcester Family and Child Photographer

massachusetts child baby newborn photographer worcester millbury auburn grafton shrewsbury northborough westborough Last Fashion Friday, I started this series about how to choose clothing for your family's photography session with creating a color palette. Now that you have your color palette, it's time to move onto the next guideline: pattern, textures & layers!

GUIDELINE #2 Patterns, Textures & Layers

When it comes to patterns, I say choose whatever type of pattern suits YOUR style. And choose 2-3 neutral/subtle patterns to wear throughout your family. If you are a romantic bunch, floral is a good pick, but if you're more conservative, stripes or plaids may be better suited for you. Whatever you do, don't go overboard and come to the session wearing something that looks like your grandmother's curtains from 1976 with a gigantic over-the-top floral print (think of Adele's 2013 Grammy's dress as a "not-so-hot" choice). So, what would work, you ask, and where do I start?

If your photoshoot involves a mom & dad along with some children, I suggest starting with the mom or little girl, if there is one. Personally, I find starting with the mom the easiest method, just because little girls' clothes are in such abundance, and they are much easier to dress when it comes to fit.

For now, I'm just going to give a few ideas of how to mix patterns, textures and layers on a couple of outfits. Once we go through a few more guidelines, we can pull together complete outfits for everyone, so please stay with me :)

For this first example, I am going to start with Mom and the first palette from Guideline #1. From their color scheme, I can tell that this family's style is going to be romantic with a neutral color scheme. As their photographer, I also know that they have chosen a field at golden hour for their session. As a start, I would suggest a floral print that isn't overpowering and that has at least 2 or 3 of the hues from their palette. This linen dress fit the bill nicely:

Central Massachusetts Family Photographer What to Wear Photo Session

Now, let's add a layer! This pink cardigan not only adds a new texture and some interest, but it will probably also make the mom feel a little more comfortable.

Central Massachusetts Family Photographer What to Wear Photo Session

Easy, right?


Now, for color scheme 2, the colors are a little bolder, and I would bet that the family is a bit on the trendy side. I chose a bit more of a bolder pattern for this mom, and I added some texture and layers with the leather belt that is tied in a bow. It's very sleek, and I think the flowing sleeves would add some interest to different poses.

Central Massachusetts Family Photographer What to Wear Photo Session

Paired with some colored leggings, and we have a nice start for her family.

Central Massachusetts Family Photographer What to Wear Photo Session


There are some other amazing outfit ideas for mom over here on this post.

I hope this has been helpful for you! I know the What To Wear question is something that goes through everyone's mind after they commit to their photo session, and it can be stressful. By following this series, I think you'll come up with something fabulous to wear!