Aww, I just love this family! They've welcomed me into their home and have come to my studio for family portraits for the past 4 years, from maternity portraits to a newborn photo session to birthdays at their home. Their time in Massachusetts has come to an end as they are moving on to warmer winters in Florida. I am so very sad to see them go because I've loved watching their little girl grow from a teeny little newborn into the spunky little girl that she is today at 3 years old. I will miss seeing them in the late summer for their annual portrait session that usually starts in a nearby park and then proceeds to their beautiful home, where their precious girl indulges in an amazing birthday cake! 

This session was bittersweet because it might be our last together. Although, I would very quickly escape the cold Massachusetts winter to photograph them again! Good luck on your upcoming move and all the adventures that await you!