The Goal List: June 2014 | Millbury Massachusetts Premier Photographer

Millbury Massachusetts Best Child Photographer Worcester Felter's Mill Little Girl in Field Photos Central MA Oh my, where has this month gone? We're already 1/3 of the way through June! This is crazy. School is almost over, so we are going to lots of concerts, art shows, meetings, and outdoor activities to wind the year down. It's such a bittersweet year because Cecilia will be leaving her little elementary school and going into third grade at the bigger elementary school in town. It seems like just yesterday that she took the bus as a kindergartener and didn't get off at her stop. She didn't even answer me when I got on the bus looking for her so I didn't think she was on the bus. Talk about panic!!! Let's just say, the police were involved trying to find her, when she was safe and sound on the bus all along. What a little stinker!!!

I just know this summer is going to fly by. I have lots and lots of photo sessions already booked, several weddings to shoot, a few relaxing getaways mixed in, and some fun one-on-one and family time planned with that little cutie up above. Summers in Massachusetts seem so short because we try to cram so much into a few months when the weather is so sunny and gorgeous. Speaking of sun...I am absolutely in love with my late-day sessions lately! I can't get enough of that golden sunshine!

With so much going on, it's super important to have a goal list, a to-do list, and whatever else that will help keep you on track when time is limited and you need to be even more productive than usual.


  • Create a blogging calendar for May and stick to it - Blog 15x this month! (two down, only 13 left to go!) <-- I blogged 8x in May
  • Update pricing sheets for client inquiries
  • Order new album samples
  • Book FINAL Wedding spot available for 2014 - this is in the works :)
  • Get my inbox down to 1500 new emails (gonna try and take this in baby steps this month)
  • Meet with my 2015 Senior Model Reps and get them ready for their LookBook Photo Shoot! <-- CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS!!!
  • Start planning blog/website overhaul


  • Organize and backup all personal photos and videos
  • EXERCISE!! <-- hopefully, the weather will finally get nicer around here and I can get outside and do a little exercise -- hmm, I did start exercising more, but it was actually in June
  • Keep up with my diet - down 9lbs last month!!! Wooohooo!!! <-- kept up with my diet, but the scale didn't budge :(
  • Book all of C's camps for the summer month <-- um, yea, need to do this ASAP!

Getting all of my personal photos backed up was a big task to mark off the list. I also added in a new backup system for client photos...HUGE!



  • Blog 15x this month! <--this will be my #1 goal until it's achieved
  • Get my inbox down to 1500 new emails (gonna try and take this in baby steps this month)
  • Order new sample albums
  • Choose new website design and start working on it
  • Choose outfits for Senior Model Styled Shoot!!! SO MUCH FUN!!!!
  • Test out new Wedding Photography Workflow


  • Continue with my exercise and better eating. I've been walking for about an hour each night. The weather is perfect, and I love listening to podcasts!
  • Book all of C's camps for the summer month <-- um, yea, need to do this ASAP!
  • Buy some new clothes for summer <--- DESPERATELY NEED!

That's about it for this month. Enjoy your June!