The Goal List

Millbury Massachusetts Child Photographer Central Ma Premier Portrait Studio Auburn Worcester Grafton Sutton Oxford WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? I can't believe it's March. MARCH!!?!? Well, here it is...The Goal List. This is something that I planned to incorporate into my photography business at the start of 2014, yet here it is the beginning of March, and I'm just now getting around to it! Now, do you see why I need to do this? Months just vanish, and all of my grand plans never seem to get completed. Well, we did go on vacation for almost 2 weeks in January, and my daughter and I were sick for almost 2 weeks in February. Trying to get back on track after all of that craziness, along with a week of February school vacation added to the mix, and you can see why I barely had time to get started! That's it. No more excuses. I need to write down (or type out) these monthly goals, I need to be held accountable, and I just need to cross things off so that I feel like I'm accomplishing something each month that will ultimately help me reach my goals for this year.

Here's the plan: Each month I will post my Business and Personal Goals, and the following month, I will, hopefully, be able to cross most of them off and add a few new goals to the lists. I don't expect to cross everything off each month, but just crossing some of them off will be a major improvement.


  • Consistent Blogging
  • Update Welcome Brochures for new clients
  • Update pricing sheets for client inquiries
  • Research new portfolio site
  • Start timelines for all 2014 weddings!!!
  • Order new album samples
  • Finalize photography studio layout
  • Book FINAL Wedding spot available for 2014
  • Finalize 2015 SSP Senior Model Reps!
  • Get my inbox down to ZERO new emails...haha!


  • Organize and backup all personal photos and videos
  • Meal plan dinners and my lunches each week...and actually stick to the plan!
  • Organize my home office desk
  • Pedicure...hey, I didn't say some things wouldn't be fun!

Okay, that's it! Haha, it seems like nothing when you look at how innocent those lists look, but some of them are pretty time-intensive. Well, wish me luck!

P.S. That photo above is just to help keep me going through this last winter month!